Our top fitness tips for 2017


Whether you’ve committed to getting fit this year or want to give your exercise programme a boost, take a look at our top tips in 2017!

Get on Court
If there’s one activity that’s going to keep you healthier for longer then it’s racket sport. A study by Oxford University, and researchers in Finland and Australia found that people who played tennis and squash regularly reduced their individual risk of an early death by 47%. Where better to play racket sport than Edgbaston Priory Club! Join the Club in January and enjoy a Free Give it a Go course in Tennis or Squash. Or why not sign up for one of our courses? Our coaches will have you serving and volleying in in no time, whether you’re a total beginner, a little bit rusty or have a ruthless competitive streak!

Enrol yourself on a fitness class
For some people working out in the gym can be a lonely existence. Keep your motivation going in 2017 by enrolling onto a group fitness class. For high intensity workouts try Keiser Cycling and Tabata Training and for tone and flexibility give Pilates and Yoga a go! We offer a range of fitness classes, all free as part of your membership.

Dive into Fitness
The jewel in the Club’s crown has to be the heated outdoor swimming pool, open all year round. Together with the indoor pool, sauna, steam room and outdoor spa, it’s the perfect way to rejuvenate body and soul.

Hit your goals
If you’re aiming to achieve a long-held personal goal in 2017 such as running a marathon or completing a triathlon, then the Club’s personal trainers will work with you on all aspects of health, fitness and nutrition, ensuring you hit your target!

Eat Well
As well as committing to an exercise programme, it’s important to ensure you’re eating healthily. Why not come along to one of our New Year nutritional workshops designed to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions going.

Coming up in January
– 12th January at 2pm
Free Nutritional Workshop focusing on Women’s Health and how to reduce risks of stroke, heart disease and minimise menopause symptoms.
– 19th Jan 1pm / 24th Jan 7pm
In partnership with Harborne Food School, A Diet and Food Myths workshop including a live cooking demo ‘Pimp Your Veggies’.
£15 (includes food tasters)

For details on joining the Club go to our Membership page

For details on our Courses and Wellness workshops contact robby.lee@edgbastonpriory.com