Start Working Towards Your Summer Beach Body

British summer is here! We’ve been blessed with some beautiful days recently which gives a perfect excuse to throw on your swimwear and lounge by our outdoor pool, or maybe you’re soon going to a nice sunny country where you’re intending to live in shorts and your bikini top. Either way, here are a few tips to ensure that you look fabulous this summer.


Set Goals

Before you start an exercise regime or diet plan, it is best to figure out what outcome you are looking for. You may just want to ‘shed a few pounds’ or ‘tone up a bit’ but the best way to see results is to target the main area that you want to focus on. Do some research and find out what the best method of change is for that area.

Find an Exercise that you Enjoy

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to work out when you hate the activity that you’ve chosen. If you find something that you enjoy, it makes it much easier to commit to and also decreases the likelihood of giving up after a few weeks. Some people find it really fulfilling to run with their music playing in their ears, others enjoy to take a friend to the gym to enjoy a good catch up as they get their sweat on. Whatever you find enjoyable.

Eat Healthy Foods

The key to a healthy body is a good combination of exercise and eating well. Avoid heavily processed and junk food like chips, fast food,