How Racquet Sports Can Help to Manage Stress Levels

Stress is an emotional state that everybody faces. It can be related to work, school, life events and more. Although we all suffer with it from time to time, it has the ability to make a person very ill, with further mental issues such as depression and anxiety and physical illnesses such as headaches, low immunity and digestive problems.


How can racket sports help to manage stress?

Health-care professionals highly recommend physical activity as a method of stress management. The release of endorphins caused by aerobic activity is a natural rush for the body, also known as a ‘runners high’ and creates a sense of happiness.

Warm ups and cool downs have a greater effect than just preparing your muscles for activity. Static stretches relieve tension caused by stress and relax your body, aiding towards a better sleep and reducing pains in areas such as your neck and back.

Racket sports such as tennis and squash require your concentration, giving you the ability to take your mind off the cause of your stress. Swinging your racket to hit a ball can give the same effects as meditation, giving a sense of accomplishment and a boost of confidence after a session.


At our club

At Edgbaston Priory Club we are aware that people manage stress in very different ways, so we offer numerous courses and activities that can suit you.

Social tennis is available on numerous days for Tennis/racquets Members. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow tennis players and take your mind off things with a good game and chat. If you’d rather have a high intensity work out, cardio tennis is a fun cardio session with upbeat music, available to all Members on Monday evenings and Friday mornings.

Our squash department offers a Squash for Business lunchtime social session on Wednesday’s at 12pm for squash/rackets members and their colleagues. There are also evening squash club nights on Tuesday evenings as well as high impact squash fitness sessions on Fridays.

If you are a beginner and do not yet feel comfortable taking part in these activities, take a look at the courses that we offer, giving you the opportunity to learn tennis/squash skills.

If racquet sport isn’t for you, take some time in our gym. This way you can push yourself as little or as far as you wish to. We have a range of fitness classes that you can choose from to suit your preferences. Take your mind off your daily stresses and focus on how many miles you’re running on the treadmill.

The Club’s environment is peaceful and relaxed, giving you the perfect opportunity to wind down, you could take a swim in one of our pools or enjoy some time in the sauna or steam room.