Keeping Your Child Active During Summer

No matter what kind of student they are, most children always look forward to the summer holidays. The thought of six weeks of no school runs, phone calls or morning rush is also a wonderful thought to parents across the UK. However, with the younger generation of today being so reliant on technology such as their phones, computers and game consoles it is easy to worry about your child’s health.

While children are not walking to school and running around the playground it is important to keep both their bodies and minds active to ensure that their physical development, attention span and academic performance are not put at risk. Here are a few simple tips to keep your child engaged and entertained over summer while ensuring that they get the required exercise.

  1. Exercise as a family

Whether you all go for a swim, walk the dog or have a family game of badminton in the garden, family activities are always fun and easy ways for all the family to bond and get out of the house.

  1. Find local events

There are always several events put on over the summer break. Have a look in local newspapers and websites such as LiveBrum and see if there is anything that will interest your child. The Big Sleuth Art trail is a fun way for everyone to see the sights of Birmingham. Download the app and go on a Bear Hunt!

  1. Keep them learning

It is important for your child to have their mind stimulated over the summer break to help their development. Why not take a trip to a local museum or have your child read with you?

  1. Indoor tasks

Over the six weeks, we are very likely to get some rainy spells that do prevent us from going outdoors. Try to think of some ways that you can keep your child away from the television screen all day, such as a day of cooking or crafts, asking them to help you clean, or making up your own indoor games. Change 4 Life has a fantastic campaign called Shake ups, a series of five 10 minute games inspired by Disney films to get your child moving and thinking in the comfort of their own home.

  1. Get Sporty

If there is a sport that your child is interested in, take them out and teach them to play or help them experience it. If your child is not very sporty, try playing various games with them to find a sport that they like. The best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle at any age is to play the sport that you love. There are numerous kid’s clubs going on around the UK, these are designed to help parents entertain their child over summer, so whatever your child’s interest is, take a look and see if you can find local events or clubs.
For children who are interested in racquet sports, Edgbaston Priory Club is hosting Kids Camp throughout the summer holidays, being held in order to increase children’s interest in tennis and squash.