Breathe new life into your fitness routine in 2016 – Pick up a Racket

If you were inspired by the heroic efforts of Britain’s Davis Cup Team, then why not pick up a Racket in 2016.  Edgbaston Priory Club offers a range of courses from beginners to advanced for all ages in Tennis, Squash and Racketball.

Here’s Five good reasons to take up Racket Sport:

  • One hour on court burns around 600 calories and because you are having so much fun you hardly notice.
  • Think about all that running, stopping, starting, jumping and crouching which gives the lower body a good workout. Then add in all that hitting which keeps your trunk, shoulders and upper back toned.
  • Playing tennis or squash regularly improves your heart and lung health, and reduces your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.
  • Racket Sport keeps your mind agile because you need to stay focused on the ball, judge which balls to return or leave and decide in a split second which shot to make.
  • Tennis and Squash players are said to be more optimistic, have greater self-esteem and are less anxious, angry and depressed than people who play other sports or lead inactive lifestyles.

For details and prices of our new courses for 2016 visit our Tennis Page and/or our Squash and Racketball page.

If you join the Club before the end of 31st January we’ll offer you 50% off the entrance fee and a FREE Give it a Go course in Tennis, Squash or Racketball.  To arrange a tour please call our Membership Manager, Andrea Brown on 0121 440 2492.