Throughout the year, the club runs a number of social and competitive tournaments for members of all ages and ability levels. Perhaps the most prestigious of these is the Squash Club Championships and the Racketball Club Championships.

In addition to these internal tournaments, the club is often asked to host both squash and racketball tournaments at the club and has become the home of the National Racketball Championships. The past year has also seen other events such as the English Open (eight of the top 10 players in the world played this event) and various England Squash Junior Tournaments like the Junior Grand Prix series and the Area Academy Championships.


Tournaments held in 2012

Edgbaston Priory Junior Open 2012 – Silver Event
World Masters Squash Championships 2012


Tournaments held in 2011

Edgbaston Priory Junior Open 2011 – Silver Event
Squash Club Championships 2011
Racketball Club Championships 2011


Tournaments held in 2010

Squash Club Championships 2010
Racketball Club Championships 2010
Adult Squash Graded Open Event 2010
National Racketball Championships 2010
Origin Warwickshire Racketball Championships 2010


Tournaments held in 2009

Edgbaston Priory Junior Squash Open 2009
Warwickshire Racketball Championships 2009