New Treatment Room Opens Today


Our new treatment room opens today (28th April 2014), offering members a range of sports, beauty and lifestyle therapies to enhance their performance and well-being.

Situated on the second floor of our new clubhouse, here are details of the practitioners and therapies on offer:

COLIN CHATTEN – Sports Massage

Colin is a sports massage therapist who has been based at the Club since 2000.  He focuses on both therapeutic and relaxing massage dealing with muscular and joint problems as well as stress relief and postural problems.

PHIL BIRCH – Soft Tissue Injury Specialist

Phil is a Sports Injury Massage Therapist with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Elmhurst School for Dance specialising in soft tissue injury and bio-mechanical muscle imbalance.


Physio Art physiotherapists have expertise in the treatment of acute sports injuries, long standing musculo-skeletal pain or dysfunction, in addition to post-operative rehabilitation. They treat many conditions ranging from back and neck pain, tendon problems such as tennis elbow or Achilles issues;  they also guide people back in to sport following shoulder, hip or knee surgery.


Penny Livingstone, has worked as a nutritional therapist for 14 years, working mainly in the field of food sensitivity testing to help to try and establish what may be causing digestive problems, weight problems, bloating, skin disorders, fatigue, headaches, sleep problems etc but can also work with you on any aspect of your diet such as training for an endurance event, weight loss or general healthy eating.


Founded in 2005 by Anna Lee, a beauty professional of over 25 years experience, Kaizen Beauty offers a range of treatments from skin consultations, anti-ageing systems and holistic well being therapies to nail care and gel polishes, waxing and massage therapies.

JUDI GILBERT – Beauty & Skincare Specialist

Judi’s aim is to slow down the ageing process and enhance natural beauty with the latest technology, relaxing and all non invasive. Her tailor made facials include CACI non surgical lift, LED therapy- red to repair collagen and blue to treat acne, the hydratone facial, crystal free microdermabrasion and deep cleansing.


Lisa is a full practising member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists with over 20 years experience of treatment and management of all foot problems. She offers the full spectrum of Chiropody & Podiatry treatments together with Reflexology.

For more details on our practitioners and their availability click here.  To book a session with any of our practitioners please contact Reception on 0121 440 2492.