Match Reports from European Squash Club Championships 2016, Pontefract

We are the European Champions!

Here are all the Match Reports


Nicolette v Sarah Campion
11/5 11/6 6/0 retired.
After her very good performance yesterday, Nicolette was yet again very consistent and accurate moving Sarah in to all 4 corners nicely. Sarah unfortunately retired in the 3rd game after slipping and injuring her ankle.

Millie v Hollie Naughton
8/11 2/11 dead rubber.
As a dead rubber, Millie was happy to have a gentle run around. The hard work had been done by the team and Millie decided to do a best of 3 games.

Leonie v Katie Smith
8/11 13/11 11/4 11/7
After losing the first game with too many mistakes, Leonie got better as the match went on. Confidence grew, and less mistakes were made, making Katie do a lot of work. After winning the close 2nd game, Leonie took control of the match to make us European Champions


Semi final against Mulhouse.
It was nice a few members came up for today, as matches now get very tough for the girls, and it helps create an atmosphere for them.
Millie vs Laura Pomportes
11/6 11/4 11/5.
With Beth lying on the sofa after being sick and meant to be playing number 3, both Millie and Nicolette realised the pressure was on them to play and win.
Millie started very convincingly and took complete control of the match throughout.
Nicolette vs Natalie Grinham
With the pressure on Nicolette to win now, she played a very consistent match against a very experienced player. Not giving her anything to play with, Nicolette powered through a 3/0 win.

Beth then didn’t need to play luckily, so headed to shower and rest.

Priory v Paderborner 

Millie V Sina Wall
12/10 11/6 11/7

We were on the show court today and with a packed crowed the ball is flying on court today. Millie was moving Sina around the court well and went 10/6 up but a few cheeky winners from Sina took it to a tie break. Millie rallied the next 2 points out and waited for Sina’s errors. A close first game to Millie 12/10. Sina making a lot of errors and Millie picking up everything else saw a quick 2nd game to Millie 11/6. Weheyyyy Millie played some drops shots and created a nice easy 3rd game 11/7

Nicolette v Milou Van Der Heijden
10/12 11/9 11/9 11/5

This was going to be Nicolette’s hardest match yet. Milou has a beautiful touch and moved the ball around well in the first game. Nicolette not quite ready to do some running she loses a close game 12/10. The next 2 games Nicolette got her growl on and a little more aggressive in her play made her sneak the games 11/9. Milou maybe getting a little tired and Nicolette not wanting to waste any energy, the match was over with a quick 4th 11/5. Semis here we come!

Beth v Franziska Hennessy
4/11 3/11 3/11

Beth was up against an experienced Franziska. She battled hard throughout the match but a few too many errors and some hard kills from the German number 3 gave Priory their first loss of the tournament yet.

Semi final is tonight at 6pm against Mulhouse. 


Nicolette v Birgitta Coufal
12/10 11/4 11/5

Birgit took and early start in the first with some nice angle and an ace serve. At 9-7 down Nicolette upped the pace and took the ball in quick. Attacked with accuracy and taking full advantage of Pontes Nicks. Game 12/10. After a few random above the cut line drops Nik put together a great game to win 11/4. Some beautiful touch came into play as Nik started hitting pin point drops. Wow a wicked boast too and she takes the 3rd game comfortably 11/5

Millie v Emilia Korhonen
11/1 11/3 11/3

Yikes MilLie is going all out, at 7-0 I’m worried for Emilia. A sign of relief as Emila hits a beautiful drop and wins the point. A quick game for Millie 11/1. The second went in similar fashion but Emila giving Milli a lot more tins. 11/3. Another quick game and Millie might be challenging for the quickest match yet. 11/3

Beth v Sanna Koivumaki
11/8 12/10 7/11 13/11

Beth looked a lot more settled today after she ran out the nerves yesterday. Sanna was a tricky opponent if you allowed her time on the ball but Beth hustled well and played her own varied game that gave Priory a 3-0 team win. Go Beth and Go Team Priory!


Leonie v Fanni Gyori
11/2 11/4 11/2 16 minutes

Leonie took to the court with as much excitement as we can expect for a grumpy one! She glided through the first game only dropping 2 points. The next game Fanni sneaked a few more points but Leonie closed the game out quickly 11/4. The 3rd game was quickly upon us and Leonie wasn’t giving much away except a cheeky smile which is very rare. A nice 3-0 win to start the tournament off! 

Nicolette v Edina Szombati
11/5 11/9 11/3 13 minutes

We thought Leonie’s match was quick but here comes Miss Competitive! Straight into the game and Nicolette is throwing in winners from everywhere and closes out the game 11/5. A closer game as Edina started to pick Nicolettes shots and hit some of her own winners but Nik sneaked the game 11/9. No more Miss nice and Nik takes the 3rd with ease beating Leonie’s time and takes the win in 13 minutes Boom!

Millie v Leornora Udvardi
11/4 11/3 11/6 14 minutes

Oh dear Millie, not a good start to the week forgetting her squash shoes. Say Whattttt! In true Millie style she cruises through her match with an easy 3-0 win, saving her energy for tonight’s match as she’s going in at number one. Big up ya self!  


Beth V Agnieszka Golebiowska
11/2 11/4 11/3

Beth speeded ahead on her team debut. There was nothing getting in her way apart from a few miss hits from her opponent and the first game was over in quick time 11/2. I few tight balls from Agnieszka but Beth stayed strong and took the next game 11/4. I didn’t have time to blink, Beth finished with a wicked 11/3 win making her debut a comfortable 3-0 victory

Millie v Karina Tyma
11/5 11/8 11/4

Millie’s opponent is one of England’s top U17 juniors with a beautiful technique and temperament but that’s not enough to stop Millie as she made her way through the first and second 11/5 11/8. Karina battled in the 3rd but ran out of steam and Millie stormed away with an 11/7 win

Leonie v Karolina Bellinger
11/3 11/2 11/2

A hard match to find something exciting to write about. Leonie won an easy 3-0!

On to day two!