Fitness Suites

Gym 3The stunning views of the Club’s grounds sets the scene for all of the cardiovascular activities, offering a variety of the latest top of the range Matrix equipment to choose from including nine treadmills, three ascent trainers, three elliptical trainers, four Concept 2 rowers, four upright bikes, one recumbent bike, two climb mills and eleven spin bikes. In addition to the cardiovascular equipment we now offer a full range of free weights alongside the fixed resistance machines which provide a whole body workout with minimal set up time or confusion.

For the more experienced exerciser we have a full range of free-weight equipment ranging from full squat racks to the latest cable machines from the Matrix brand of fitness equipment. These include:

  • Fixed resistance machines
  • Free-weights machines
  • Olympic weights plates
  • Dumbbells ranging from 2kg to 36kg
  • Barbells ranging from 10kg to 30kg
  • Olympic bars
  • EZ bars
  • Medicine balls ranging from 3kg to 7kg
  • Cable machines
  • Reebok decks
  • Core bags
  • Studio barbell sets
  • Jungle gyms (TRX)
  • Vipr
  • AOK health Swiss balls
  • Kettlebell

As a new member, you will receive an induction from one of our experienced gym instructors.

You can book one-to-one personal training sessions with our in-house personal training sessions with our in-house personal trainers who will also help you create a programme to meet your own training needs.

For an even more tailored approach, you can choose to work with one of our personal trainers who will develop a more in-depth personal training programme to meet your personal goals.

Find information about our exercise studio here