Exercise Studio

We offer over 50 classes a week all inclusive of your membership. Classes are offered at a range of times and days ensuring, we hope, there will always be a time to suit our members, morning, afternoon and evening!

Download our Fitness Timetable here.


KEISER CYCLING: An indoor cycling class set to music.

INTERVAL CYCLING: A studio cycling class using set periods of work and rest.

ZUMBA: A fun dance fitness class.

LEGS, BUMS AND TUMS: Using body weight exercises and various pieces of equipment to give the lower body a good workout.

BODY CONDITIONING: A good mix or aerobics and resistance exercises to condition the whole body.

AQUA AEROBICS/AQUA CIRCUITS: A low impact class using floats and woggles.

YOGA: Traditional yoga poses with relation at the end of the class.

BODY ROCKER BOXING CIRCUITS: An interval style boxing class.

BRF PUMP: An interval style weight training class.

BODY ROCKER CIRCUITS: An interval mix of cardio and resistance exercises.

CORE STABILITY/CORE PILATES: Exercises using a stability ball to work on core strength and posture.

HIP AND KNEE CARE: Mobility, flexibility and rehab exercises for the hip and knee.

PILATES: Traditional Mat-work Pilates.

BOOT CAMP CIRCUITS: A high intensity circuit training class.

CORE AND BACK CARE: Mat based exercises to strengthen the core and back

LEGS, ABS AND CARDIO CLASS: An interval based class with a mix of cardio and resistance exercises.

PRESS AND LIFT: A low impact weight training class to strengthen the whole body.

BODY ROCKER ABS AND CORE/ABS AND CORE BLAST: Mat-based exercises to really target the abdominal, back and core muscles.

TABATA TRAINING: A high intensity class using the interval method of 20 secs work, 10 secs rest.

FITBALL:  A low impact class with aerobic exercises on a swiss-ball.

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